The complete season 1 of ‘Explore Explain’

Last week marked the release of the final episode of the first season of Explore Explain, the new video and podcast series I’ve launched this year. With all episodes published, I thought it would be worth collecting together all nine video and audio shows in one convenient place.

Thank you to all the super guests who participated in the shows and also to the viewers, listeners and subscribers who have consumed this first season. If you like the videos/podcasts please like, subscribe and spread the word! Season two is in the pipeline and coming out later in the year…

Episode 1 with Maarten Lambrechts (released 27 April 2020)

Episode 2 with Dr Cath Sleeman (released 5 May 2020)

Episode 3 with John Burn-Murdoch (released 12 May 2020)

Episode 4 with Nadieh Bremer (released 19 May 2020)

Episode 5 with Simon Scarr (released 26 May 2020)

Episode 6 with Sonja Kuijpers (released 9 June 2020)

Episode 7 with Jan Willem Tulp (released 16 June 2020)

Episode 8 with Rachael Dottle (released 23 June 2020)

Episode 9 with Sabine Devins & Sebastian Vollnhals (released 30 June 2020)