New Course: ‘Masterclass in Data Visualisation’ (London, Apr 2024)

I’m very happy to announce details of a new public training course. A two-day classroom-based ‘Masterclass in Data Visualisation‘ will take place in London, on 23-24 April 2024. It is now open for registration and relevant to anyone and everyone.

You can read more information about my training courses in general or more about this course in this post and also on the Eventbrite listing. More public training events, virtual and classroom, will be arranged in due course in respond to demand and schedule availability. If your organisation would be interested in exploring options to arrange a training privately for your colleagues, just get in touch.

What is this training about?

This Masterclass training course provides attendees with a sophisticated understanding of how to communicate data visually in the most impactive way. Delivered over two consecutive full-day sessions the time available enables us to go deep into the nuances of this subject and to integrate many practical exercises to supplement the learning. The training content imparts knowledge of what to think about, when to think about, and how to resolve all the thinking involved in the contextual, analytical, editorial, and visual decisions that surround all data visualisation challenges.

Who is this training for?

This training is relevant to anyone who has a role in or undertakes duties involving the analysis, presentation, and communication of data. This popular classroom course will challenge your thinking, enlighten you with new ideas, equip you with an efficient process, and inspire you to elevate your ambitions. It will transform your capability to fully embrace this complex, multidisciplinary subject, enhancing your creative confidence and critical convictions.

Please note this is not a technical course – you will not receive teaching in the form of tutorials for creating charts in specific tools – but you learn more about the common tools that are being used in the field today, as well as access to useful references to help you develop your technical skills.

For more information about the course contents and objectives visit the training page where you will also find a selection of testimonials from previous attendees.

Where will this training be held?

This course will be held at etc.venues St Paul’s, in central London (address: 200 Aldersgate Street, London, EC1A 4HD).

Unlimited hot drinks and water will be available throughout the sessions. Lunch is not provided in order to keep registration costs down, to reduce the complications of accommodating dietary needs, and to encourage everyone to step away from the classroom and get a proper break from the session. The venue is located with convenient access to food and cafe facilities.


This ‘Masterclass’ training runs for two full-days, with each daily session commencing at 9:30am and finishing around 5pm. Arrival will be open from 9am onwards. There will be breaks during the morning and afternoon sessions, and a lunch break of around 60 minutes.


Attendees are requested to bring a laptop to use as a workspace for the session. The event is not technical in nature but this will enable you to access the course materials and exercise files referred to during the sessions. You will not require any specialist software beyond Excel/Sheets, a pdf reader, and a browser. Across a day you should expect to need around 3 hours of charge. Power access will be provided for charging devices.


Registration can be made online using the built-in Eventbrite payment processing system, embedded below. Choose the relevant ticket option, and then follow the instructions to complete the delegate registration and payment details.


There are three ways of joining this course at a reduced price…

(1) ‘Early bird’ discounted tickets are made available for an initial limited period of time, up to 2 months before the training date, to incentivise early registration as this greatly helps with the organisation and preparation of the course.

(2) Do you own a copy of my ‘Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design‘ book (1st or 2nd edition)? If you do there is a 10% discount available: read more here to find out what promo code to use!

(3) Are you a subscriber to my ‘Visualising Data Newsletter‘? If you are you’ll find a promo code in the monthly issue to apply a 10% discount (not combine-able with #2!).

(4) For some people interested in attending such training, finances can be a barrier. Whether it is due to the relative cost of living in your region or specific personal circumstances, it is entirely appreciated that financial obstacles will exist for some. As a commitment to widening access to these training courses, at least 2 places will be made available on this course, no questions asked, at a discounted ‘pay what you can afford’ basis. 

If you would benefit from and feel you would qualify to take one of these available places please email to make the necessary arrangements for your registration (ie. this may entail being issued with a discount code to apply to a standard registration procedure).

Eventbrite fees and VAT charges

Eventbrite charges a non-refundable processing fee of ~8% which applies to all registration types. To avoid incurring these additional charges you may instead prefer to register offline and arrange payment via an invoice process for electronic transfer. If you/your organisation prefer this method please just email to reserve your place and progress your registration.

VAT charges are relevant to the following types of buyer:

  • All attendees registering from the UK will pay an additional 20% VAT charge.
  • Any attendee registering from an EU organisation which is not VAT registered in their local region will face the additional 20% VAT charge.

VAT charges are exempt for the following types of buyer:

  • Any attendee registering from an EU organisations which are VAT registered are exempt from these charges. You should select ‘VAT exempt’ ticket types and enter your organisation’s VAT details in the order form to formalise this exemption.
  • All attendees registering who are based in any other world region outside of the UK and the EU (eg. US, India, Australia) are exempt from VAT charges and should select the ‘VAT exempt’ ticket types accordingly.

Cancellations and changes policy

Full refunds (less the non-refundable Eventbrite processing fees ~8%) are offered for any delegate cancellations made up to 7 days before the course start date. Please email if this situation arises.

Cancellations made during the 7 days prior to the course starting will be offered a 50% refund (less processing fees), as it becomes much harder to fill a space vacated with such short notice.

Registrations can be switched to a different attendee. Please email if this situation arises.

In the rare event the course itself has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances all attendees will be offered a choice of a full refund (excluding processing fees) OR the opportunity to attend an alternative training course in the future. Refunds will be limited to registration costs alone, Visualising Data Ltd is not liable for any other costs incurred.