Bletchley Park podcast: Episode 143

During the early months of the year I had the pleasure of working with Bletchley Park’s Exhibitions Manager, Erica Munro, Elin Simonsson of Nissen Richards Studio, and other contributors, to offer some external consultancy around data visualisation in the shaping of a new temporary exhibition, ‘The Art of Data‘.

This exhibit explores how data can be visualised to reveal patterns and stories, helping us understand the world around us, and is framed around many of the themes synonymous with Bletchley. At the end of August, I was finally able to find time to visit the exhibit and, whilst there, was happy to be invited to join Erica and Elin to discuss this work in conversation for an episode of the ‘Bletchley Park podcast‘.

You can listen to the episode below or, alternatively, visit this link to reach the podcast episode’s page, from where you’ll find further links for listening through your preferred podcast platforms.