Data Viz Today podcast: Episode 76, creativity mini-series

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to record an episode of the superb ‘Data Viz Today‘ podcast, hosted by Alli Torban.

This 35 minute episode was part of a mini-series Alli is recording about ‘Creativity’. We covered a lot of different themes around this topic, such as ‘how does one define creativity?’, ‘is creativity a skill that can be honed, or more a natural talent?’ and the rituals that aid/kill creativity.

You can read more about this episode, including a transcript of our conversation, and see all the different ways to listen to it via this link,

A huge thanks to Alli for inviting me on to the show, for being such a delightful host, and for creating the wonderful artistic image of me, one which is more flattering than most profile pics I have seen!