Adobe sneak peak: Project Lincoln

I retweeted a link to this on social media but I wanted to share here to a broader audience a short video from the Adobe MAX 2017 event. This is a ‘sneak peak’ presentation from Bernard Kerr about a tool he has been working on, known for now as Project Lincoln.

I was really fortunate to spent some (far too brief) time with Bernard in San Francisco back in January and this looks such an exciting potential tool for designers to link graphics to data without the need to code. I say potential tool and not product because these sneak peak presentations represent ‘a look at early technology from Adobe… These may or may not be features and/or new products we integrate down the line.’

So I’m sharing this to broaden the awareness of this project and to whet the appetite across the community because I think it will be an amazing product IF it is something that manages to secure serious attention from within Adobe.