Seeking training location recommendations for 2015!

With the new year well under way it is a good time to open up a renewed opportunity for people interested in my training offerings to influence where I take my next set of public events.

I am starting to plot my schedule for 2015 and whilst I have a gut feel of where to travel, as always, I will base my planning decisions on the locations that have sufficient levels of interest to make an event viable.

I would be delighted to hear from you if you would like me to run an event in a town or city near you. I will happily accept any suggestions for wherever in the world you want me to visit.

Details of the types of training and the related objectives, topics and sample agendas can be found on my Training page. Typically I have focused on running the 1 day ‘Introduction’ workshops but I will be launching my new 2/3-day ‘Mastering the Craft of Data Visualisation’ in London early this year so that format is also now available for other locations.

My training activity is roughly split 50:50 between public and private, on-site events. If you are working at an organisation looking to enhance the data visualisation capabilities for a group or team of colleagues, just let me know about your needs and we’ll take things forward.

To submit a suggestion for your preferred location, visit the training page, click on the ‘REQUEST AN EVENT’ tab and submit a short form with your details. If you have any other questions about my training courses please send me an email (

To give you an idea of some of the locations I might be looking to travel during 2015: Vancouver/Seattle, New York, Washington DC, London, Birmingham, Madrid, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

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