Explore Explain S4 E9: Chloe Whiteaker & Marie Patino

Welcome to the ninth and final episode of the fourth season of Explore Explain, a long-form video and podcast series about data visualisation design.

I am delighted to welcome Chloe Whiteaker, Data Visualization Team Leader, and Marie Patino, Graphics Reporter, from Bloomberg News in New York. We explore the story behind their unique data visualisation project analysing the staggering wealth of a pop-music phenomenon: “Taylor Swift Vaults Into Billionaire Ranks with Blockbuster Eras Tour“.

Here are links to some of the key references or resources mentioned during this episode:

  • Alternative, paywall free link to the main project 
  • Chloe’s project launch tweet with some time-lapse videos in the thread showing the process of creating the friendship bracelet
  • Marie’s launch tweet with another thread of process shots and descriptions
  • Forbes article published around the same time profiling Taylor Swift’s billionaire status

Video Conversation

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Audio Conversation

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