Explore Explain highlight videos

With the holidays firmly in the rear mirror, it’s time to pick up the Explore Explain reins again!

The first piece of business is to share news of the release of ‘highlights’ videos.

The idea is to identify, extract, edit, and package up five key insights to emerge from each episode to create short 10-15 mins highlight videos.

The selections are naturally subjective, but I’ve tried to compile a nice varied blend of topics across the full range of episodes.

Not everyone can dedicate ~60 mins to watch the episodes in full so hopefully these provide a palatable alternative.

Please note we’re only doing this for the video versions of each full episode on YouTube, and not producing highlights in audio form for podcast release.

These shorter video packages for Season 3 episodes are available now via this Youtube playlist link and also embedded below.

The highlights from Season 4’s episodes-to-date will be released soon and then I’ll start working back through Season 1 and 2 with an aim to have them released by the end of the year.