Share your thoughts or questions about Nightingale Magazine

Next month, at Outlier Conference in Porto, I’m thrilled to be doing a live-recorded episode of ‘Explore Explain‘ with the team behind the Nightingale print magazine – Jason Forrest (who will be there in-person), Clare Santoro, Julie Brunet, and Emily Barone (who will all contribute pre-recorded interview clips).

We will be exploring the behind-the-scenes thinking that instigated them to embark on creating a printed publication in this digital age. We will be learning about the editorial processes that craft submitted articles into polished published features. We will discover the creative journey that led to the brilliant layout and visual design of the magazine. And many, many more things besides.

I always have a million-and-one things to ask in these conversations but I am always keen to widen the pool of enquiries to include questions that you (yes, you) might have. 

I would also like to include responses from subscribers/readers of the magazine about your favourite things, whether its a particular article, feature, aspect of the magazine’s design, an interview, any little detail like the font, the spine art, or the printed publication’s smell.

If you have something you want to share, a question you want to ask or a comment about a favourite thing, please send it to me in written form via email or (possibly even better) do it in a short video that I can include/play during the recording.

Thanks in advance!