Best of the visualisation web… June 2020

At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content I’ve come across during the previous month. Here’s the latest collection from June 2020.

Notes: the items listed may not have been necessarily published during this month, rather discovered during the month. Some links point to paywall items. The details shown below label the platform/site each item is published on – not necessarily the actual author – and a brief selective description.

Visualisations & Infographics

Covering latest visualisation, infographic or other related design works.

Adrian Brandon | ‘This series is dedicated to the many black people that were robbed of their lives at the hands of the police… I use time as a medium to define how long each portrait is colored in. 1 year of life = 1 minute of color’

@elmundograficos | ‘The wealth of the rich suffers from the epidemic.’ [translated]

New York Times | ‘How the Virus Won’

@jburnmurdoch | ‘With Liverpool on the brink of an historic title, we took a deep dive into their transformation under Klopp both on and off the pitch’

The Guardian | ‘data shows 10 countries risking coronavirus second wave as lockdown relaxed’

@DylanSpielman | ‘Keir Starmer scores the highest satisfaction ratings *ever* of an opposition leader on record’

Behance | ‘The visualization shows data on population density for 40 countries. The selected counties are the top 40 ones by density with a population of more than 10,000,000.’

@aLucasLopez | ‘For Nat Geo’s June issue, we created a visualization of the one hundred deadliest events throughout history in a graphic (Thread)’

FiveThirtyEight | ‘Do You Know How Divided White And Black Americans Are On Racism?’

Tableau Public | ‘Ebb & Flow: Music genre popularity over time (1980 – 2016)’

Behance | ‘The 2019 Annual Report for the State Commission for the Protection of the Economic Competition of the Republic of Armenia’

The Guardian | ‘Air pollution in China back to pre-Covid levels and Europe may follow’

Dezeen | ‘The thesis work of Northeastern University’s Experience Design and Information Design and Visualization programs’

Child care deserts | ‘Child care deserts’

@CraigTaylorViz | ‘Transit in Motion: Abstract and sometimes chaotic depictions of daily bus volumes throughout different cities’

New York Times | ‘The Gaps Between White and Black America, in Charts’

@data4change | ‘Check out this video to find out what we’ve been busy working on for the past few months to encourage advocates to participate in the #UPR process at the UN’

@ellawinthrop | ‘This is not what I expected to publish exactly 2 months from my first day at NYT Business’

@dandad | ‘At Basket le Mag, great basketball players are considered artists. To celebrate these players, they teamed up with @TBWA_PARIS and fused the player’s stats with data visualizations, and turned the game into art. ‘

@darenw | ‘Breaking down the movement of every #MLB base runner last season… 384+ million data points.’

SCMP | ‘Arrested Hong Kong protesters: how the numbers look one year on’

My Plastic Footprint | ‘Turning a year of plastic waste into #DataArt. Each turtle visualises an hour of my plastic footprint.’

New York Times | ‘How Americans Feel About the Country Right Now: Anxious. Hopeful.’

ABC | ‘The virus and the vaccine’

@NadiehBremer | ‘New!! Party popper I’ve created a streamgraph-meets-bump-chart #dataviz to show the rise & sudden surge in the no. of satellites orbiting Earth’

Buzzfeed | ‘The FBI Used Its Most Advanced Spy Plane To Watch Black Lives Matter Protests’

Bloomberg | ‘Mapping America’s Underwater Real Estate’

@smallmultiples | ‘It’s interesting to see how so many places in Australia were named after just three colonial figures: James Cook, Charles Cameron Kingston, and Lachlan Macquarie.’

@undertheraedar | ‘City street pattern maps’

Washington Post | ‘The virus that shut down the world’

@tillnm | ‘Strange and fascinating topological world map’

@neilrkaye | ‘The UK is getting both warmer and wetter, this #dataviz shows the UK average annual temperature and average rainfall total from 1884 to 2019.’

New York Times | ‘How Public Opinion Has Moved on Black Lives Matter’


These are references to written articles, discourse or interviews about visualisation.

Datawrapper | ‘How your colorblind and colorweak readers see your colors (part 1 of 3)’

MIT | ‘Design in a major key’

@mattdesl | ‘I’ve published an interactive & editable article with more details on how to create perceptually smooth CIELAB spline gradients:’

Medium | ‘Why humans love pie charts: An historical and evolutionary perspective’

FiveThirthyEight | ‘Why Statistics Don’t Capture The Full Extent Of The Systemic Bias In Policing’

New York Times | ‘An Artist Who Channels Her Anger Into Pie Charts’

Storytelling With Data | ‘So many little decisions’

Mother Jones | ‘The “Flatten the Curve” Chart Was Ugly and Not Scientifically Rigorous. Why Did It Work So Well?’

Medium | ‘Visualizing COVID-19: Telling the story of COVID-19 data with Johns Hopkins University’

Learning & Development

These links cover presentations, tutorials, podcasts, academic papers, case-studies, how-tos etc.

Nightingale | ‘Choosing Fonts for Your Data Visualization’

Data Viz Today | ‘pisode 55: How to Get Your First Data Viz Freelance Project — Featuring Dr. Stephanie Evergreen’

@benheubl | ‘The one-page visual investigation bonanza: A guide on how to start producing one-page visual journalism projects and when they are most useful etc.’

Nightingale | ‘The Difference Between Teaching and Doing Data Visualization—and Why One Helps the Other’

@tom_hirst | ‘Pricing freelancing projects. Everything I’ve learned. A thread.’

Multiple Views | ‘Teaching Visualization with Design Studies for Social Good’

Subject News

Includes announcements within the field, such as new sites or resources, new book titles and other notable developments.

@iamabookonline | New Book: “I am a book.”, by Miriam Quick and Stefanie Posavec

@hmtk | ‘Excited to see
Sheffield University launch ‘Dataviz.Shef’ to build a dataviz community at Sheffield’

Malofiej | New Book: “Malofiej 27”, ‘the book includes all the winners of the 27th edition along with reports and profiles’


Any other items that may or may not be directly linked to data visualisation but might have a data, technology or visual theme.

The Guardian | ‘Earth’s final frontier: the global race to map the entire ocean floor’

@darabin | ‘This full 3d scan of the graffiti covered Robert E. Lee monument’

@maartenzam | ‘Today I learned about dazzle camouflage ‘

YouTube | ‘A Decade of Sun’

@yashar | ‘This is a horrific graphic to have put up on air. My god.’ (Yeah, don’t do stuff like this)

@jacknicas | Don’t do this either, for slightly different reasons

@OskSta | ‘#Townscaper is out in Early Access! ‘

The Guardian | ‘Painting the town red … and green and yellow: art movement brings new colour to London’

Tech Xplore | ‘What jumps out in a photo changes the longer we look’