Talk slides from first Tableau 2017 webinar

Earlier today I had the pleasure of being invited back by Tableau to deliver a webinar presentation. The title of my talk was ‘The Seven Hats of Visualisation Design: A 2017 Reboot’. This was about my latest thinking regarding the skillsets, mindsets, knowledge and attitudes you need to possess in order to a truly all-round superstar. It is badged as a reboot because the previous iteration of this talk as compiled in 2012 was titled the ‘eight hats’ but I have since rationalised a modified grouping of competencies.

The slides are now available, published on SlideShare, and can be viewed below. (Note that due to the amount of detailed images included in this deck some of the resolution has been compromised in appearance during the uploading process).

(You should also be able to register for free on Tableau’s website to watch back a video of this talk via here)