Confirmed speakers for the Information+ Conference

The speakers have been confirmed for the first Information+ conference, taking place in Vancouver on June 16th/17th at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. As you can see below, there is a parade of great speakers (and me) and super interesting topics that entirely chime with the conference’s aim of ‘bringing together researchers and practitioners in information design and information visualization to discuss common questions and challenges in these rapidly changing fields’. There is also a one-day hands-on workshop (June 18th ) and an exhibition of information design and visualization projects (June 6th to July 3rd).

Registration is open via Eventbrite – if you’re planning on attending you should take advantage of the early bird offer which runs through to 15th April and other special rates.

** On Wednesday June 15th, the day before the conference, I will be running a one-day data visualisation training workshop in Vancouver and I’m offering a 10% discount for attendees of the Information+ conf, so register now! **

Here’s the full list of speakers and topics, reproduced from the Information+ conference website:


Tamara Munzner: Visualization Analysis and Design

Colin Ware: Visual Thinking about Data – The Cognitive Thread, Interaction and the Visual Query


Gregor Aisch

Catherine D’Ignazio: Creative Data Literacy – Bridging the Gap Between the Data Haves and Have-nots

Scott Murray: Designing Online Learning Experiences for People

Chad Skelton: How to Think like a Data Journalist


Kim Albrecht: Unfolding the Design Process

Mary Anne Beecher, Maria Palazzi and Peter Chan: Crowbar, Shoe Horn or Butterfly Net? Designing a Vision for Information Visualization in the Large Research University

Karen Cheng, Yeechi Chen, Kevin Larson and Marco Rolandi: First Impressions Matter – Visual Design in Scientific Communication

Patricio Davila: Visualization as Assemblage – A Case Study in Critical Visualization Practice

Carmen Dyck, Janet Joy and Guillermina Noel: Health Quality Improvement Data Collection and Visualization – The Potential of Visual Communication Design

Maria Gonzalez de Cossio: Writing a History of Mexican Railways through its Information Design

Drew Hemment, Moritz Stefaner, Stephann Makri, Carlo Buontempo, Isadora Christel, Veronica

Torralba-Fernandez, Nube Gonzalez-Reviriego, Francisco Doblas-Reyes and Jason Dykes
Project Ukko – Visualising Future Weather Conditions for Decision Making

Andy Kirk: Developing Visualisation Literacy: Experiences from the Front Line

Robert Kosara and Drew Skau: Pie Charts – Unloved, Unstudied, and Misunderstood

Klaus Kremer: Anticipative Interfaces for Emergency Situations

Yanni Loukissas: Local Data: Learning to Look at Big Data as Aggregates

Michele Mauri, Azzurra Pini and Paolo Ciuccarelli: Why Designers Should Care about Wikipedia

Jonas Parnow and Alsino Skowronnek: Airbnb vs. Berlin

Christopher Pietsch, Gabriel Credico and Marian Dörk: One View is Not Enough – High-level Visualizations of Large Cultural Collections

Will Stahl-Timmins: Health Data Graphics – An Academic Publishing Perspective

Alice Thudt, Charles Perin, Wesley Willett and Sheelagh Carpendale: Subjectivity in Personal Storytelling with Visualization


Dominikus Baur and Daniel Goddemeyer: Subspotting: Mapping Available Cell Phone Reception on the New York Subway

Heather Bradbury and David Gracyalny: Teaching Information Visualization: A Critical Examination

Ricardo Castañeda Quebrado, Karina Judith Godines Cortez and Mercedes Lozano Castillo: Territorial Conflicts and Information Design. A Proposal to Empower People around this Social Phenomena

Marjan Eggermont, Sheelagh Carpendale and Charles Perin: Visualization with a Focus on Biomimetic Visualization

Johanna Fulda: What’s up with Data Journalism in Canada?

Manuela Garreton: The Revolving Door of Power

Lena Groeger and Michael Grabell: Meat Charts: Visualizing Data with the Human Form

Georges Hattab, Benedikt Brink and Tim W. Nattkemper: A Mnemonic Card Game for your Amino Acids

Heather Krause: Ethics and Examples When Collecting and Communicating Data Globally

James March: The Statistical Overshoot – Principles to Keep Data in Check

Angela Norwood: Taking the Systems View

Lisa Charlotte Rost: Goals in Data Visualisation for Journalism

Barbara Sudick, Frank Armstrong, Anita Chaudhry and Dean Fairbanks: Understanding California’s Groundwater – Using Storytelling and Interactive Data Visualization to Facilitate Systems Thinking