Best of the visualisation web… November 2012

At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content I’ve come across during the previous month. If you follow me on Twitter you will see many of these items shared as soon as I find them.

Here’s the latest collection from November 2012:

Guardian | US electoral compass: how do political priorities change from state to state? | Interactive Visualisation

Binder Full of Burgers | Parody of Romney’s ‘Binder full of women’ gaffe, here we see a visualisation of the US election using burgers, fries and occasionally ketchup | Gallery

Slate | We’ve all seen and played with the design, now here’s the project narrative for the NYT’s ‘512 Paths to the White House’ | Narrative

New York Times | A couple more gems from the NYT graphics department during the election, firstly ‘What will swing the swing states?’… | Video/Visualisation

New York Times | …and ‘How Obama won re-election’ | Animated Visualisation

Guardian | US electoral compass: how do political priorities change from state to state? | Interactive Visualisation

Charts ‘n Things | Finally from the NYT, a snap taken of their strategy board on the night of the election itself | Image

Time | “Inside the Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win” | Article

Simply Statistics | “The statisticians at Fox News use classic and novel graphical techniques to [MIS]lead with data” | Article/Rogue Gallery

XKCD | “To surprise of pundits, numbers continue to be best system for determining which of two things is larger” | Cartoon

Senate Charts | To end this run of political-related pieces, here’s some delightfully dumb stuff from the halls of the US congress | Gallery | Visualization in crises (don’t misread, the field’s not in crisis) | Article/Gallery

Scientific American | Jan Willem Tulp’s work for SciAM – ‘RFID Tags Track Possible Outbreak Pathways in the Hospital’ | Visualisation

AViz | An inspiring collection of (no electronics included) passive, physical visualizations | Gallery

Chrome Experiments | “100,000 stars is an interactive visualisation of the stellar neighbourhood created for Google Chrome | Interactive Visualisation

Datawrapper | To celebrate the new version of Datawrapper, here’s an explanation of the technology being used | Article

Perceptual Edge | Review of Nate Silver’s book “The Signal and the Noise” | Book Review

Amazon | Speaking of books, here’s the new book from Hunter Whitney “Data Insights: New Ways to Visualize and Make Sense of Data” | Book

O’Reilly | More book-related goodness, this time from D3 hero Scott Murray “Interactive Data Visualization for the Web: An Introduction to Designing With D3” | Book

The Functional Art | And here’s Alberto’s review of Bill Ferster’s new book “Interactive Visualisation: Insight Through Enquiry” | >Book Review

BBC | Visualisation technology used to evidence response from vegetative patient who says he’s “not in pain” | Article/Video

Vimeo | Video summary of the Visualized conference, held in NYC in November | Video

Perceptual Edge | Best Practices for Scaling Sparklines in Dashboards | Article

Wiley | “We are proud to present in collaboration with TED a curated series of talks plus specially commissioned educational support materials.” | Articles/Videos

MIT TechTV | Communicating Science and Technology in the 21st Century | Video

Visual Loop | Talking with… Jaime Serra – “Exclusive interview with one of the most respected infographic designers in the world” | Interview

Creative Applications | FIFA Development Globe – visualising FIFA’s work across the globe | Project/Article

OpenVis Conf | Announcing the OpenVis Conf ‘The Open Web Data Visualisation Conference’ taking place in Boston in May 2013 | Article

13pt | Jonathan discusses ‘An Education for Information Design, c. 1992’ based on retrieved notes from an Edward Tufte course in 1992 | Article

Data Pointed | “Above Sea Level” – maps of urban elevation and population | Visualisation

Graphics Info | Wages in Hong Kong | Visualisation

Fathom | Visualising the emotional life of books | Visualisation

Flowing Data | With Christmas just around the corner, here’s Nathan’s data gift guide | Article

The Globe and Mail | “What’s your take on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s ouster?” – a heavily discussed piece, is it a rip off or an ode to the NYT Obama sentiment matrix? I think the latter… | Interactive Visualisation

The Design of Understanding | Announcing the line up of speakers for the The Design of Understanding 2013 event | Article

Post Graphics | Great to see this, “Interactive graphics, maps and data visualization by the Washington Post. See all of our behind the scenes posts, or just check out all our recent graphics.” | New Site

New York Times | Profile of uber-curator Maria Popova of Brain Pickings | Article

Vimeo | “A day in Berlin – public transit visualization” | Video

Science Visualization | Breakdown of different techniques for visualisation scientific subject matter, particularly focusing on things that are plotted in circles | Article

Ghostweather | Lynn Cherny’s talk at Strata NYC 2012 about Visualizing Networks ‘Beyond the hairball’ | Presentation Slides

Speaker Deck | Moritz Stefaner’s talk for the Visualizing Marathon 2012 event – Designer Q&A | Presentation Slides

The Functional Art | Alberto Cairo’s talk for the Visualizing Marathon 2012 event – Designer Q&A | Presentation Slides

Vimeo | Introducing SkataViz, an experimental prototype using an iPhone attached to a stakeboard to record its motion and visualize its movement | Video

Fathom | Article about language and labels for colours – “That’s green, well maybe more blueish. You mean Grue?” | Article

Nodebox | Tutorial for creating data visualisations using Nodebox | Tutorial

Google Groups | Lynn Cherny’s inspired decision to launch a dedicated Google Group for collating jobs/postings/opportunities in one accessible place | Listings

Periscopic | “How We Graphed $3.86 Billion in Grantmaking Efforts for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation” | Project Narrative

Eye Magazine | Info design for children – “The children’s books produced by Isotype combined child-centred focus with technical accuracy” | Article

Zeit Online | Google translate suggests this has something to do with ‘Job miracle for all?’, that makes no sense to me but this German visualisation based on an interactive heatmap/matrix chart certainly looks like it is impressive | Interactive Visualisation

New York Times | Great use of small multiple, interactive area charts to show ‘How the Tax Burden Has Changed” | Interactive Visualisation

Eager Eyes | “A Scholarly Discussion with Andrew Gelman and Anthony Unwin” | Article

Dashing D3.js | Huge tutorial site for learning about D3.js | Tutorial/Site

Census.Gov | Not sure about the overall quality but some interesting insight into the visualisations being produced for the US Census | Gallery

The Atlantic | Sketching Out ‘Psycho’: Production Storyboards From 15 Beloved Films | Article/Gallery

XKCD | “Pet Peeve #208: Geographic profile maps which are basically just population maps” | Cartoon