O’Reilly Radar article: “Walking the tightrope of visualization criticism”

A guest article I wrote for the excellent O’Reilly Radar site has just been published. Titled ‘Walking the tightrope of visualization criticism‘ this rather long piece reflects on some of the key experiences of my training courses and some general observations about the level and appropriateness of critique that exists in the field.

As you will see, the opening paragraph sets an important context for why I felt it was an important issue to trigger discussions about this ‘tightrope’ we walk across whenever we in the field (myself very much included) offer evaluations about others’ work. Furthermore, I feel I have learned so much from my experiences interacting and hearing insights from delegates on my training courses. Anyway, I hope you find time (about 12 minutes I reckon) to give it a read through and let me know what you think. Hopefully I’ve got the balance right in this piece itself!

Click on the preview image below to read the full article.