Speaking Events

Here is a list of my recent and future speaking or presentation events. Get in touch if you would like me to get involved in your event:

22nd November 2014 | Giving a talk at Visualized.io in London

18th – 19th Sep 2014 | Speaking at ScienceComm in Switzerland

6th Aug 2014 | Speaking at the London Business Analytics Group

24th Apr 2014 | Speaking at OpenVis Conference in Boston

27th Mar 2014 | Giving a talk at the School of Computing, University of Dundee

19th Mar 2014 | Speaking at the launch of the Dublinked Data Visualisation competition

6th Feb 2014 | Speaking at the Higher Education Strategic Planners’ Association annual conference in Warwick

24th Jan 2014 | Speaking at the Design of Understanding annual conference in London

5th Dec 2013 | Speaking at the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) Issue Brief event in London

29th Aug 2013 | Speaker at the INMA Conference in Oslo

16th May 2013 | Speaker at the NYC Data Visualisation Meetup

8th May 2013 | Speaking at an Information Design Association (IDA) event in London

25th April 2013 | Speaking at the Big Data Week London event

15th – 16th April 2013 | Speaking at II-SDV 2013 Conference in Nice, France

21st March 2013 | Keynote speaker at the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operational Research annual seminar

26th – 27th February 2013 | Talk and workshop at the Dashboarding for Peak University Performance conference at the University of Nottingham

11th February 2013 | Talk given at Tableau UK HQ in Richmond

17th January 2013 | Talk and panel discussion at the Bank of England’s ‘The future of regulatory data and analytics‘ event

10th January 2013 | Talk given to folks at Facebook HQ in San Francisco (slide deck)

8th January 2013 | Talk at Seattle Datavis (SeaVis) Meetup (similar slide deck)

8th January 2013 | Talk given to folks at Tableau HQ in Seattle

19th October 2012 | Guest talk at the Big Dive EU event in Turin, Italy.

19th – 20th September 2012 | Speaker at the Big Data World, Europe conference, London

16th July 2012 | Presentation at a Nuffield Foundation event, exploring visual navigation for STEM subjects.

14th June 2012 | Speaker at the Chicago Data Visualisation Meetup

14th June 2012 | IDEAS Talk for Orbitz at their Worldwide HQ in Chicago – watch a video of the talk

24th April 2012 | Panel member for the Big Data Week, London community meetup

17th April 2012 | Speaker at Big Data Con, Mainz, Germany

18th to 23rd March 2012 | Judge and speaker at the Malofiej 20, Infographics World Summit and Awards

23rd February 2012 | Visualisation seminar at the School of Computing, University of Leeds

12th November 2011 | Speaking at the Visualizing.org data visualisation marathon event, London