Visualising Data Ltd is a design consultancy and training service founded by Andy Kirk.

The effective visualisation of data comes from a thorough understanding of the principles of how we process information most efficiently, how shapes and colour interact, how user tastes differ, how different displays complement different communication needs. Despite having knowledge developed over many years of study, experience and research the process of learning and developing continues with every project.

Visualising Data operates a distributed business model with access to a network of skilled collaborators who offer a rich variety of technical, creative and design expertise and experience. This versatility ensures a tight and adaptable operation, deploying the most qualified people and appropriate skill sets to match the scope, size and complexity of the challenges faced. This efficient and effective approach reduces indirect costs resulting in absolute guaranteed value for money.

Services come in the form of three main types of engagement activity: design projects, consultancy and training workshops. You think of the task, we’ll find the solution.

Types of Engagment

There are three key elements to every communication task: message, data and design. Our design consultancy involves helping you to overcome the challenges associated with one, some or all of these.

Design projects are delivered in a completely flexible way depending on the collaborative nature of the task and the complexity of these three elements. You might need a visualisation designing, or maybe an infographic, a dynamic organisation dashboard, perhaps a suite of business reporting formats. Whatever your data, your message or your presentational requirements we can help.

Most projects tend to involve the client already having a set of data (usually large and/or complex) and they want it analysing (to find a message) and visualising (to identify the effective presentation method). These are commissioned pieces of work involving limited client collaboration beyond the establishing of the brief and observing progress.

Other engagements may be 100% collaborative, where we act as creative lead and are almost embedded into an organisation for a period of time, working with client-based project members to arrive at innovative solutions. These engagements focus less on the execution of design and more on facilitating creative thought, coordinating analytical groundwork, managing the preparatory design process, generating ideas and enforcing best principles. The focus of these projects is as much about arriving at a solution as it is leaving a legacy of excellent practice.



You are somebody looking for creativity, reliability and expertise. Every person, every department, every organisation, every industry and every sector demands effective communication. Whether it is an academic imparting research findings, a finance officer presenting the latest forecasts, a journalist communicating a complex story or a small business pitching for a tender. Without it, things simply do not work.

Our versatility is there to match your variability. We handle client challenges of all shapes, sizes and scope. Furthermore, we are not bound by geography - modern technology allows us to work with clients across the globe.

The principles and solutions we work on do literally apply to all information types and communication contexts. It might be presenting quantitative data in the form of survey results, building dashboard reporting displays for corporate data sets, analysing data scrapes from web sites. It might be the structure, content and design of presentation slides, bringing out the story, helping to enlighten your audience. It could be the development of a concept design for your website. You might need a fresh approach to designing business reports, posters, promotional material. Anything you do that communicates information, of any size, any nature and for any purpose, we’ll be able to help you.