Talk slides from OpenVisConf 2014: The Design of Nothing

Below you will find an embedded slideshare version of the slides used in last week’s talk at OpenVisConf 2014 held in Boston (well, officially Cambridge but Boston was only a bridge away). The quality of the slide images hasn’t quite been preserved in the upload but you’ll get the idea at least. I’ve also dabbled with embedding videos into the slideshare deck.

As ever, the presentation slides are just visual props for a talk so you won’t be able to necessarily decipher the exact narrative that accompanied each subject. I was going to provide a detailed narrative similar to the wonderful way Jonathan Corum does. However, the video of the talk should be released soon and I have written a short article for the Harvard Business Review (publishing soon). I also might like to do the talk again at another opportunity…


Andy KirkApril 29th, 2014 at 9:10 am

Please note the ‘join’ between the title slide and the first video is… well… not very seamless…

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