Quick training workshops update

This is a boring, administrative, bullet-pointy post to share a few quick updates about my training workshops requiring more than twitter’s 140 characters limit:

  • My next workshop is on Friday 16th May in Montreal. There are still a number of places left for this event, read more and register here.
  • The Chicago workshop on Monday 19th May is sold out, sorry to anyone who wanted to attend but couldn’t make the list in time
  • There are a handful of places left on my London workshop on 29th May but these will go quickly. Details and registration here.
  • I am running a co-located training workshop on 9th June as part of EuroVis 2014 in Swansea, Wales. This cost of this event is incorporated into the full Conference Week registration or just the Co-Located Events registration. More details and registration here.
  • General Assembly London will be hosting me for a short 90 minute evening seminar on 14th July, details and registration here.
  • I have added an additional London workshop to my schedule on 7th August, details and registration here
  • I am now looking to receive suggestions for my next set of scheduled locations for the second half of 2014 so send me your wish list!

I will be launching my new website in a few weeks time and this will include a brand new training page and new offerings, including more longer and shorter forms of the workshops. Stay tuned…



JulianeApril 29th, 2014 at 2:46 pm

I missed the Frankfurt workshop – do you have plans running a workshop in Hamburg (or somewhere else in Germany)?

Andy KirkApril 29th, 2014 at 2:53 pm

Hi Juliane, thanks for your message. At the moment the only possible German event will be something I might be doing in Berlin. Not confirmed yet but keep a look out for announcements on here. I don’t expect there will be anything else scheduled for Germany in the near future. Otherwise, check out this: http://well-formed-data.net/archives/1047/workshoppin