Visualisation and Infographics at the London Transport Museum

Back in December I posted details of the new poster show at the London Transport Museum. Today, I was fortunate to have a spare hour to kill and this gave me a chance to fit in a rapid run around the exhibition.
I have taken a number of snaps of the main infographic/visualisation related pieces, both from the poster show and the general displays and you can access these from my Flickr account.

There was also the added bonus of a special exhibition called ‘Sense and the City‘ which includes a number of animated transport data visualisation installations produced by 422 South and the talented people at University College London CASA involving the likes of Martin Zaltz Austwick and Ollie O’Brien. I took a handful of brief videos of these works (which really don’t do them justice) – if the camera work is a little shaky, blame it on the school kids racing around me!

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Kim ReesFebruary 8th, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Thanks for posting these, Andy. Some inspirational work in there for sure!