Announcing the winner of the 3M PocketProjector MP180 giveaway!

Last week I announced a quickfire contest where I was going to give away a brand new 3M PocketProjector MP180 to one lucky person.

To enter, all you had to do was submit a comment beginning with the phrase “Winning a 3M PocketProjector MP180 would be fantastic because…” and then provide a compelling reason why you would benefit most from winning this device.

The contest closed last night and there were a total of 62 valid entries. I extracted the names and comment details, threw them into an Excel-based random draw generator, got my shaky iPhone video recording ready and recorded the exciting countdown action for ultimate transparency and competition integrity.

The name of the winner can now be revealed via the gift of an embedded YouTube…

Thanks to all who entered, there were some very noble and also very funny comments – I would like to be in position to send a device to all of you, but I am neither Santa Claus nor Oprah Winfrey.

Please can the winner contact me ASAP, with your contact and address details, so that I can get the device sent out to you in the post.


Diego AlthabegoitiAugust 18th, 2011 at 12:22 pm

Felicitaciones al ganador, muy buena tu razón para querer el proyector JaJa!!

Ben JonesAugust 19th, 2011 at 1:25 pm

I win! I win! What are the odds? Oh yeah, 1 in 62. Thanks Andy Kirk & visualisingdata! You rock! I’ll do my best to use the projector for the greater good, but I will reserve the right to use it in self defense if absolutely necessary. I’m just getting started with datavis, so look out for my soon-to-launch website